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Voice of Intercollegiate Esports

A nonprofit member organization creating a united voice for higher education in collegiate esports

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Who We Are

We are a nonprofit member organization guiding the future of collegiate esports.

 Our mission is to be the voice of higher education in esports - bringing the collegiate scene together to build consensus and solve problems facing our institutions and students.

We aim to serve as a trusted source of industry data, provide a platform for learning and sharing program best-practices, bring together a diverse peer group of collegiate leaders, advocate for our members, and create common standards for a fair and level playing field.

We've put together a team of trusted experts from schools with established programs and history within the collegiate space to kickstart our programs and offerings. VOICE members come from all types of institutions - from large public research universities to small private liberal arts schools to community colleges.

Our team is hard at work preparing member programs and initiatives for the 2023-2024 academic year! We hope that you will consider joining or supporting us as we continue on this journey together.

BOARD MEMBERS, STAFF, and advisors Include


What is VOICE?

Voice of Intercollegiate Esports (VOICE) is a nonprofit member organization for colleges and universities with or planning for collegiate esports initiatives. Our mission is to shape the future of higher education by building an inclusive, sustainable, competitive collegiate esports ecosystem and creating a united voice for colleges and universities. We are dedicated to representing the best interests of our members to publishers, leagues, and esports organizations while also providing guidance, resources, data, and support for all of our members.

Why does VOICE exist?

  • To provide organization and leadership for the collegiate esports ecosystem.
  • To create a united and powerful voice to advocate for universities and students.
  • To represent the interests of higher education in addressing existing and future issues in collegiate esports.

Is this a league?

No. VOICE does not organize competition, though we do offer a clearinghouse of league information and tools to find the right league for each member. VOICE does not endorse, advocate for, or represent any organizing body.

What is the value of becoming a member?

Members receive a variety of benefits including access to our best practices library, professional development activities, a community and mentorship hub for collegiate esports professionals, the opportunity to participate in scholarly research, the consultative voice of peer schools, and a profile and listing on Looking For Group (lfgroup.gg) - as well as voting power in any VOICE strategic initiative. Members also benefit from having an advocacy group representing your interests to those outside of higher education.

Which schools are eligible to join?

Any college or university that has or is looking to develop or enhance their esports initiatives. All that is needed is at least one full-time staff or faculty member who, among their various duties, is responsible for overseeing the esports ecosystem at their institution.

Do you need to have an official varsity team to join?

No. All that is required is a full-time staff or faculty member who is responsible for overseeing esports at your university, even if this individual has a number of other duties.

How is VOICE different from existing member organizations?

VOICE is dedicated to helping programs become more diverse and equitable, advocating for higher education to publishers, providing on-boarding and training for those new to the space, providing advanced support and leadership for those who are established, and for authoring thought leadership and scholarship that will pave the way for collegiate esports to flourish. We do not identify as a governing body, a proprietary service provider, a competitive platform, or league. VOICE is interested in far more than competition, instead focusing on the entirety of the collegiate esports ecosystem.

How will you work with other leagues and organizations?

The collegiate ecosystem is vast and complex. VOICE is a coordinating organization, helping to provide a bridge between any league or organization that operates as part of that ecosystem. VOICE’s role in that mediation is to represent higher education’s collective interests in esports.

Is there an exclusivity commitment needed from members?

No. Members are welcome to join any other member organizations as they see fit. In fact, the resources we provide will help members find other organizations in the ecosystem which might benefit their program.

How can my school join VOICE?

Membership is open - join now and help shape the future of VOICE! If you have questions about membership, please contact us. Membership is granted at the institution level, not by individual.

What is the Presidents Advisory Council?

VOICE leadership includes participation from the executive level in higher education. Led by Chancellor Howard Gillman from the University of California, Irvine, the council will convene representatives from leading academic institutions to address the rapidly growing collegiate esports landscape.

For more information about the Presidents Council, please contact our leadership team.


Share data and learn together

Through internal surveys and directed industry research, VOICE works with members to author scholarship and provide thought leadership that moves the needle for collegiate esports.

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Connecting our community

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Conducting research together

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With over four-hundred university esports programs across the NCAA and NAIA, the rate of adoption has outpaced scholastic guidance. We need president-level leadership to provide academic vision, support, and direction to college esports.

Kurt Melcher

President, VOICE Board of Directors

There is so much untapped potential in collegiate esports, especially when dedicated minds and voices come together to lift each other up. VOICE is a collaborative effort to support research and learning, create community resources, and advocate for schools and students.

Kathy Chiang

Vice President, VOICE Board of Directors

The conversations about collegiate esports have been led by industry, while the interests of collegiate leaders have been fragmented. A collective voice is needed to help to shape the ecosystem for the benefit of students, schools, and their missions.

Glenn Platt

Secretary, VOICE Board of Directors

We need to bring the experiences of collegiate leaders together to tackle some of the biggest problems in the space. Anyone with a passion for the collegiate ecosystem is welcome. We are working together to build the future of collegiate esports.

Erik Bleitz

Executive Director, VOICE


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Engaging on all levels

President's Council

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Join us.

Join a passionate and diverse community of higher education leaders working together to advance collegiate esports for the betterment of our schools, our staff, and our students.


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