March 25, 2024 | VOICE

VOICE Launches Empowerment Through Esports Grant: College Esports News First Recipient

VOICE's new esports grant elevates collegiate esports

Designed to empower individuals and organizations that share a mission for bettering collegiate esports, Voice of Intercollegiate Esports (VOICE) is excited to announce the launch of the "Empowerment Through Esports" Grant. This grant program will support its first recipient, College Esports News (CEN), an emerging student-based organization in collegiate esports journalism, with a one-year financial endowment of $5,000, enabling them to continue their impactful work in collegiate esports content creation.

Since its inception in October 2022, College Esports News has become a go-to resource for college esports, achieving an impressive reach of 1.45 million impressions and garnering a dedicated following across various platforms. This grant not only recognizes CEN's role in unifying collegiate esports communities but also underpins VOICE's commitment to enriching the collegiate esports ecosystem.

The grant will ensure additional resource flow to support CEN's operations and initiatives, thus amplifying their impact within the collegiate esports community. Furthermore, VOICE is dedicated to fostering the professional growth of CEN’s leadership and staff through a comprehensive mentorship program, which will include leadership and business development.

Grant funds will be utilized in various capacities, including attending live collegiate esports events, enhancing content quality and diversity, and expanding outreach and engagement strategies. Both VOICE and College Esports News are excited about the possibilities this grant will unlock in the realm of esports journalism, community engagement, and the overall growth of collegiate esports.

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About VOICE:

VOICE stands at the intersection of esports and higher education, aiming to better the collegiate esports ecosystem through research, advocacy, and policy creation. Addressing key challenges within collegiate esports, VOICE is committed to fostering the industry's maturation and alignment with educational values.

About College Esports News:

College Esports News is a media outlet and source for information on collegiate esports leagues, teams, players, and key industry news. With a mission to bridge the gap within the collegiate esports landscape, CEN has become a resource for fans, families, and participants.